Portrait Photography - Shot by Angel Photography

Shot by Angel

Portraits of Life

Mini Life Sessions:
1-4 people
30 minutes
no clothing changes
1 location
10-15 images on CD
online viewing gallery


Normal Life Session:

1-8 People
1 hour
2 clothing changes
2 locations
20-25 images on CD
online viewing gallery


Extra Big Life Session:

1 - 15 people
2 hours
multiple clothing changes
multiple locations
30-40 images on CD
online viewing gallery


Family visiting for a few days in the summer? Kids home from college? We usually only need 24 hours notice to schedule a quick impromptu portrait session, where the memories will last forever! 

Our Child Stars-Slide Show

Addy-as-Mrs -Clause-000-Page-1-M

All in the family - Slide Show


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