Shot by Angel

The Love Story

(of course this is Angel's favorite way to photograph love)
Capturing every single detail of your " Wedding Journey"

Including (but not limited to):

We will do a two hour Engagement Portrait session (check out our "Just the Two of Us " webpage for more information)

Also, we will do a two hour " Bridal Bliss "session (you can find more information about our "Bridal " sessions on the Bridal Bliss page)

We will attend the rehearsal (not the dinner unless you want us to snap a few images of this special dinner too ) no extra charge for this !

On your wedding day, we begin as early as you do recording your love story. Douglas will follow the men, and I (Angel ) will be with the ladies. So if the guys have a golf game planned the morning of the wedding, Douglas will go get a few photos of this. Angel will meet the ladies and get a few images of them at the hair salon or make up artist.

We will capture every last detail of your wedding day. We meet you and your wedding party at the venue and photograph everyone as they prepare for the ceremony.

There will be a schedule prepared ahead of time by Angel that will help us capture all those bridal party and family posing shots. These can be traditional and formal, or fun, funky, and well anything goes!

Finally, let the PARTY begin! Douglas and I will capture your entire reception, recording all those magical moments. We leave after you are well on your way to your honeymoon!

You will receive a copyrighted disc with all of your edited images from your entire Wedding Journey.

Investment $1800.00

The Diary

( captures what is most important to you)
*** denotes items that are different from the previous packages

Including (but not limited to):

*** You get to choose either a two hour Engagement session or a 2 hour Bridal session (again check out more info about these sessions on the "Just the Two of Us" and "Bridal Bliss" pages.

We will attend Rehearsal (also we can attend the dinner if you want a few images from your dinner)

*** On your wedding day Douglas and I (Angel) will meet you at the venue to begin recording you and your bridal party preparing for the ceremony.

We will create a schedule ahead of time per the bride and grooms request for for all those posed images that every mom wants. These posed shots are normally taken just prior to and directly after the ceremony.

Lastly, it is off to your reception! We will be there for every last minute and not leave until after our new husband and wife leave for their honeymoon.

You will receive a copyrighted disc with all your edited images .

Investment $1600.00

The Day Of

(captures the essence of your big day)
*** denotes items are different from previous package

Including (but not limited to):

We will meet you at your venue and begin recording the images of your wedding party as they prepare for for your ceremony.

We will create a schedule of all the posed photography that you have previously decided upon, and record these images prior to and immediately after your ceremony.

Of course Douglas and I will then photograph your ceremony as the two of you become husband and wife.

*** We will attend your reception and record all the images we can in 1 1/2 hours time.

You will receive a copyrighted disc with all your edited images from your wedding day

Investment $1200.00

The Event

(capturing that exact moment)

Including (but not limited to):

Douglas and I will arrive at your venue 45 minutes prior to the ceremony.

We will capture every last detail of your ceremony.

We will do all your posed family and wedding party portraits after your ceremony. For this package all of these portraits must be taken at your ceremony site.

The photographer will not be attending you reception for this package.

You will receive a copyrighted disc with all the edited images from your event package.

Investment $800.00

A La Cart

The Ceremony- ONLY - (No Posed Portraits)

Reception by the hour
$100.00 per hour

Two Hour Engagement - two separate locations if desired and as many different outfit changes as you can handle in tow hours. You will also receive a copyright disc with edited images.

Two Hour Bridal Session -
Two separate locations if desired and you will receive a copyright disc with edited images.

1/2 Hour Groomal Session- this session is for those grooms that hate having their photos taken, and might have the tendency to be camera shy on the big day. This 1/2 hour just with the groom will give his bride and mother all the photos they probably would not get from the big day from their anti camera guy!

Four Hour Bridal and Boudoir Session- This is surely a girls day or night out event! This includes 1 1/2 hour of Bridal Portraits and then 2 1/2 hours of Bridal Boudoir Portraits. (Please look at our "Oh La La Boudoir"webpage for information about what this kind of session entails. Let me just say every groom will appreciate this kind of wedding gift from his new bride, I promise ladies! Oh and Douglas is not invited to our Bridal Boudoir sessions!

Here are a few more A La Cart pic ideas that you may decide to add to your wedding journey journals.

Final Fitting - $35.00 (1/2 hour)

Bridal Shower or Trousseau - $50.00 per hour

Bachelorette or Bachelor Party - $50.00 per hour

All A La Cart items include a copyrighted edited image disc.

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