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We are glad you stopped by to check out our work! Oh and let us just say Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! We do realize that you have a lot of decisions to make before you your big day, and choosing who will photograph your wedding is obviously one of the biggest! 

Let me (Angel) tell you a little bit about what you get when you choose Shot by Angel photography to be your wedding photographers. First and foremost you get two new friends! After all we will more than likely be spending more one on one time with you and your fiance than anyone else you hire to assist you with your big day.

I prefer to start the journey with you from the very beginning the proposal, helping you announce your engagement in the newspaper, creating your wedding blog, practicing your hair and make-up during your girls days out bridal portraits, and then following you all the way until the two of you are leaving running off to a new life together as husband and wife. This would mean we met early in your wedding journey, but I will be happy to start wherever you currently are! 
One would call our style of photography a bit eclectic. Meaning I prefer candid, but totally get that grandma and mom usually want all those posed portraits. I love to do different, and for the bride and groom that has more of an edge we are all in! My husband Douglas and I both photograph all our weddings together, and for larger weddings we have an additional assistant who is there to help. So you will have two cameras going at all times. Douglas starts photos with the gentlemen and I photograph the ladies, and then we meet in the middle somewhere. 
A few things to get you thinking-
* Have you already chosen your venue? Does your venue allow flash photography? Does it allow photography during your actual ceremony?

We have done wedding photography under both situations, but honestly usually people who hire us do want photos of their ceremony, and a flash makes for a much crisper vivid photograph. So check with your venue to ensure that you get all the photographs that you desire. 

* What is your wedding day photography style? Do you like the formal posed portraits, or the funny quirky ones, maybe you are more of a candid journalistic bride or groom? Or perhaps you’re a mixture of them all?

I (Angel) encourage you to start looking now if you have not already, and become a Pinner on Pinterest if you haven’t started that too! Having a wedding photo board is a great way to communicate your desires with any photographer you choose. 

* Do you want to see one another prior to the actual ceremony?

Often I have heard photographers suggest that the bride and groom have a scheduled first glance, and that this will give you a chance to breathe prior to the ceremony, as well as allow more portrait time together just the two of you. I (Angel) as a bride would have never wanted to see Douglas before I walked down the aisle, but as your photographer this is totally up to you!

Well now you know a little bit about us, and have a few things to think about. Douglas and I look forward to meeting you.

Love and Best Wishes
Your New Friends
Douglas and Angel Taylor
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